John Cox was admitted to practice law in 1978. As a solicitor in the commercial law division of the State Crown Solicitor, Mr Cox was involved in many large scale transactions such as the leasing of Governor Phillip Tower, the Regent Hotel and the Intercontinental Hotel.

In the period from 1984 to 1986, Mr Cox acted as General Counsel for NSW Lotteries advising on all aspects of its lottery operations within Australia, and in overseas jurisdictions. This activity involved the complete redraft of all relevant acts, licenses and rules, together with major software and hardware contracts. A considerable intellectual property practice was developed within the office relating to the protection of trademarks and copyright.

From 1986 to 1989 Mr Cox was the University solicitor for the University of Sydney. In this role Mr Cox acted for the University in relation to its major commercial transactions involving advice and documentation relating to the University’s diverse activities in agricultural holdings, industrial, commercial and residential real estate and the sale and licensing of the University’s intellectual property.

Mr Cox joined the Melbourne/Sydney partnership of Price Brent in 1989 (now known as Eakin McCaffery Cox in Sydney) and continued to act extensively in the area of intellectual property licensing, sale and commercialisation. Mr Cox was instrumental in establishing the Australian Technology Park at Everleigh, for the operational company from the date of its inception until its incorporation into Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority. Eakin McCaffery Cox continues to act for the company in relation to all ATP commercial and leasing activities.

Mr Cox acts extensively in all areas of commercial and corporate practice including mergers and acquisitions, company formation, IPO, leasing, shareholder related matters and ASIC compliance.

Mr Cox is company secretary and counsel for Museum of Contemporary Art Limited and acts for Carriageworks Limited and a number of arts related bodies.

Mr Cox advises on industrial law, administrative law, local government, commercial and contractual law.

Mr Cox maintains a large practice which includes private sector clients, government authorities and local government instrumentalities.

His practice is of an international nature and he has instructed local counsel in India on a number of occasions and attended various seminars and business related conferences within India. Both he and his firm have extensive experience in acting for Indian companies both within Australia and India.


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