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Celebrating Excellence in Intellectual Property


We are writing to share with you that CII had instituted its Industrial Intellectual Property Awards in 2015 with the aim of recognizing and celebrating those enterprises which have embraced IP generation and protection to fuel their business and economic growth. The Grand Jury that will select the winners, is chaired by Dr. R A Mashelkar, one of the doyens who contributed immensely in India’s transformation to an innovation-driven economy.

Accepting the requests from stakeholders, we have added two new categories of IP performance evaluation of (1) Academic and (2) R&D institutions. The industry categories of large, MSME, SME and Startups remain same. All these categories will have awards for Patents, Trademarks and Designs. The questionnaire has also been made rigorous and scientific, focussing on the impact and commercial translation of the IP portfolios of the companies.

We would like to request you to kindly consider participating 7th CII Industrial Intellectual Property Awards 2021 which will help the Indian Industry/ R & D Institute/ Academic Institute to champion in IP generation and protection to fuel their business and economic growth.

Competing for 7th CII Industrial Intellectual Property Awards 2021 offers the following benefits:

  • Recognition as an IP driven organization among business circles
  • Branding the business through Industrial IP Awards logo
  • Trophy and Certificate
  • Detailed case study in the CII Industrial IP Awards Compendium of CII Industrial IP Awards 2021, disseminated widely to government / media / foreign embassies / industry / other relevant stakeholders.
  • Use of CII Industrial IP Awards logo for marketing and promotion of business
  • Promotion through CII’s website, social media and other channels.
  • Promotion through CII platforms (national and international) as one of the top IP-driven organizations
  • Opportunity for taking leadership role in CII’s National Committee related to Intellectual Property.

Since CII has introduced this award as an annual recognition for Industry, Academic and R & D Institution for their Intellectual Property Excellence, the applications for the 2021 awards are now open. Kindly visit: to apply for the award.

For more information about the IP Awards, please feel free to write to our colleague from CII, Nabanita Mukerjee (, +919910209252)

I request you to kindly nominate a nodal person from your institution to take this forward.

I sincerely hope that you would consider my request favorably and looking forward to receiving your kind response.