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AIBC Agribusiness event showcases growing opportunities in Biosecurity, food processing and cold chain logistics in bilateral trade

Agriculture is an important pillar of the Australian and Indian economies with shared opportunities and challenges. Bilateral cooperation in Agriculture and water resources management were included in the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP) agreements between Australia and India following the virtual meeting of the Prime Ministers of Australia and India held in June this year.

The good news is Agribusiness sector continue to emerge as a growth sector in both Australia and India in 2021 and beyond despite the Covid 19 impact in both the countries. Technological advancements in Food processing, storage and supply chain logistics are enabling and will result in greater collaborations in business to business engagements between the two countries.

Keeping this in view, on 1 October 2020, the Agribusiness Chapter of Australia India Business Council (AIBC) organised a high profile webinar on Food Processing, Bio Security, Packaging and Cold Chain logistics with invited speakers from both India and Australia, including Mr Peter Creaser – Assistant Secretary – Department of Agriculture, Bio Security Plant Division, Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment (DAWE), Mr Colin Colebatch – Director – Plastics, Packaging and Food Waste Section DAWE, Mr Tony Smith – Managing Director – Blue Science Technologies, Mr Leonard Smailes, Co-Founder – Blue Science Technologies, Mr Unopom Kaushik – President – National Collateral Management Services Limited (NCML) Mr Kamlesh Thakur – CEO – Radbin Global.

Mr Jim Varghese AM, National Chair AIBC in his opening remarks stated that “AIBC, as an outcome focussed organisation, has organised the webinar to focus on the biosecurity, food processing techniques and food wastage and with a resilient “back to business” approach.

Mr Con Livissianis, Chair of the AIBC Agribusiness Chapter stated “That Australia will play a major role in engaging with India as evident from the creation of an Ocena division by Government of India. He said ‘biosecurity is an important element in the bilateral agribusiness and AIBC is engaged with relevant authorities to contribute and to facilitate biosecurity initiatives. By 2035 India will be the third biggest economy in the world. Cooperation and Collaboration will contribute to the success of business to business engagements” “

Mr Peter Creaser, First Assistant Secretary – Dept of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment, who is also the Co-Chair of bilateral Technical Market Access program for Plants, elaborated on the program, bio security issues and ongoing challenges. Mr Creaser presented a case study on pomegranate and highlighted an ongoing project in Okra and elaborated the challenges in managing pests and diseases and associated risk assessment processes involved for all Agri products. He added that processed foods and pre-packaging pose less risks to biosecurity. Mr Creaser described ongoing exercises of cooperation and capacity building in the biosecurity engagement with India. Mr Creaser stated, “That India is a great market for Australian grains, many industries are keen to diversify their market in India and there is also increased appetite for Australian agriproducts in India.”

Mr Colin Colebatch, Director – Plastics, Packaging and Food Waste Section, DAWE, presented the in-depth analysis of food wastage in the whole supply chain and stated, “That the financial cost of food wastage is estimated as $20Billion.” Mr Colebatch elaborated on the National Food Waste Strategy, Food Wastage Governance Entity and Voluntary Commitment Program for the Agri and food industries in Australia and further highlighted the Return on Investment (ROI) in implementing reduction of the food wastage, training, inventory management and changing packaging by the businesses.

Mr Tony Smith, Managing Director- Blue Science Technologies presented the technology behind Blue Lyte- 100% natural and organic ecofriendly chemical food preservation product offering value for money in the supply chain.

Mr Len Smailes, Co-Founder – Blue Science Technologies, presented their innovative ecofriendly food processing water-based solution with non-toxic packaging.

Mr Unopom Kaushik, President – National Collateral Management Services Limited (NCML) highlighted the recent reforms of Government of India to support Indian Farmers and said “That Australia should look at India as the provider of best in class food production systems.” Mr Unopom Kaushik said “India is the right partner for Australia and Australian agribusinesses must look to India as a market to supply than a market for consumption. The partnership between Australia and India will contribute to the global agribusiness”.

Mr Kamlesh Thakur – CEO – Radbin Global said “food security, food sustainability, nutrition in Health are quite important. The timing of Biosecurity is absolutely right as COVIC-19 has brought more focus on bio security”. Mr Kamlesh Thakur elaborated on cold chain logistics and challenges being faced as well as possible opportunities between Australia and India including knowledge sharing in food processing and supply chain. Mr Kamlesh Thakur said” India is emerging as a global market for cold supply chain”

There was a brief Q&A Interactive session with queries by Mr Kevin Raju, National Partnership Manager for AIBC and Mr Vish Viswanathan, National Chair of Make in India Chapter.

Vish also presented a Vote of Thanks to all keynote speakers, participants and sponsors.

Mr Jim Varghese AM, National Chair, AIBC concluded the successful Agribusiness event with each speaker quoting the three key words as takeaways to progress on bilateral Agri trade.

AIBC will continue to work with Australian and Indian Industry to provide platforms to promote agricultural services, consulting and technologies.

The AIBC is a not-for-profit organization facilitating and linking businesses, exporters and investors in Australia and India.

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Mr Jim Varghese AM, National Chair, Australia India Business Council Ltd.

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Mr. Con Livissianis, National Chair – AIBC Agriculture Chapter 
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