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AIBC Appeals to Federal Government for a pragmatic Approach to India COVID Situation

May 4th, 2021

India is going through an unprecedented health crisis with the second wave of the COVID 19 virus affecting millions.
As the Indian Government and international agencies are dealing with this crisis to provide immediate relief, many countries including Australia have commenced supporting such relief measures.
Australia India Business Council Ltd (AIBC) appreciates the gesture by the Federal Government providing relief to India with ventilators, PPEs, Oxygen Concentrators, and other materials/ relief. 
While AIBC understands the temporary border closures in place that impact Australians in India, measures taken to keep Australia safe, AIBC is concerned about fines and jail terms announced for Australian citizens in India should they try to come to Australia.
Such unprecedented measures and announcements are likely to have a serious impact on the Australian-Indian community as well as bilateral business and trade.  Australian-Indians are educated, professionals and business owners who work hard and contribute seamlessly to the Australian economy.
AIBC requests the Federal Government to take a pragmatic approach considering the sensitivities involved and balancing health and economy and more importantly the goodwill with Indians and with India.

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Authorised by:

Mr Jim Varghese AM -AIBC National Chair

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Media Team of AIBC Ltd

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