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AIBC calls for drastic changes to Australia’s immigration policy to attract young skilled migrants

14th June 2021

Australia must revamp its immigration policy as an urgent national priority to invite more numbers of young and skilled migrants to Australia to sustain the economic growth during the Covid recovery period” said Mr Jim Varghese, National Chair of the Australia India Business Council.

“The Government must review the drastic capping of migration program announced in the Federal budget” stated Mr Jim Varghese adding “such a capping and limiting the skilled visa categories will stall the economic growth and impact bilateral trade relations”.

Elaborating the AIBC concerns on the current immigration policy, Mr. Jim Varghese said

 Australia needs to look also at the Canadian model or identify immediate strategies to attract international students and, importantly, utilise their skills for the benefit of the Australian economy. The large population of the skilled younger generation in India provides a huge opportunity. Skilled young international students need to have a smoother, faster, and easier pathway to migration in Australia.

Border closures have also adversely impacted universities’ efforts in international research collaboration and student exchange programmes and contribute to bilateral programs. It will take time for universities to regain the international students even after the borders open. Hence Australia needs to also look a different model or identify immediate strategies to attract international students and, importantly, utilise their skills for the benefit of the Australian economy.

Quoting the Grattan report on permanent skilled migration after the pandemic, Mr Jim Varghese said he totally agreed that “Australia should ‘unashamedly’ prioritise younger migrants for their earning potential.

Australia India Business Council (AIBC) as a Premier Industry body engaged in many years in Australia India trade, understands and appreciates the Federal government’s priority for Health in the current Covid 19 scenario and hopes that the reduction of skilled migrants is only temporary. AIBC believes that Government will take a pragmatic approach moving forward” said Mr. Jim Varghese, National Chair of AIBC.

Mr. Varghese further stated that “India is an especially important economic powerhouse for Australia and is part of the Quad. We must deliver on the Modi / Morrison Virtual Summit. We would like to see Prime Minister Morrison’s outcome from the virtual summit held last year effectively implemented. AIBC through its ongoing engagement Federal and State Governments, its industry partners including Business Council of Australia, Export Council of Australia, will continue identify strategies to minimise the impact on Australia India Trade “

AIBC considers that alignment of Australia’s immigration policy to its trade and economic policy will be one such strategy and a key to success to bilateral trade relations.

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Approved by:     Jim Varghese, National Chair, AIBC
Released by:      AIBC Media Team
Contact:              Vish Viswanathan, Mobile Number: 0411 104 249

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