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Australia India Business Enterprise Ltd (AIBEL) – Member Survey

Your responses to the following brief survey will add value to the implementation of AIBEL. 
The survey will not take more than 5 minutes or so
Please complete this survey no later than 5:00 pm Friday 30th April 2021

India is the right partner for Australia and Australian businesses must look to India as a market to supply than a market for consumption. The partnership between Australia and India will contribute to global business in many sectors. Trade between Australia and India has more than doubled over the past decade and the rate of growth will continue to rise with Government (G2G) and Business to Business (B2B) engagements. Cooperation and Collaboration will contribute to the success of business-to-business engagements and bilateral investments.

Many opportunities have been identified for Business-to-Business Engagements through several collaborative webinars and events held last year with many organisations and industry partners and experts led by several Industry chapters such as the Agribusiness Chapter, Corporate Chapter, Digital Chapter, Education and Skills Development Chapter, Healthcare Chapter, Make in India Chapter, Infrastructure Chapter, Energy Chapter, Start-ups and Innovation Chapter and Women in Business

To effectively focus on such specific opportunities and outcomes, AIBC, with a resilient “back to business” approach is establishing a dedicated new company Australia India Business Enterprise Limited. (AIBEL). It is intended that the new business enterprise will generate financial benefits for its members and AIBC as an organisation.

This new enterprise AIBEL will super-energise AIBC and take it to the next level from promotion and engagement to converting deals.

AIBEL will be used to manage the deal flow and end to end facilitation of business between India and Australia and improve brand image of both countries, in both countries.

A Business Enterprise Working Group (BEWG) has been formed to manage the formation of this new enterprise. The BEWG members are:

  • Con Livissianis – Agribusiness Chapter Chair (Chair of BEWG)
  • Vish Viswanathan – Make in India Chapter Chair
  • Irfan Malik – Start-ups and Innovation Chapter Chair
  • Vineet Aggarwal – Independent Consultant

Details of company structure, commercial agreement templates and charges applicable etc are being developed. Active support and participation from the broader AIBC members in different capacities will be essential in the successful formation of the new Business Enterprise Company AIBEL.

It is in this context, we seek your input, suggestions, and ideas through an online survey below. In addition, your inputs and suggestions will add value to the development and establishment of AIBEL.

Please email your suggestions to

Kind Regards

Jim Varghese AM
Australia India Business Council
National Chair – AIBC

Con Livissianis
Chair – BEWG

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Please complete the below survey

  • Do you think AIBEL engaging in identifying opportunities is a valuable activity for AIBEL?
  • Please leave any comments for this point
  • How important is it for you that AIBEL develops a commercially viable proposal, while minimising complementary offering?
  • Please leave any comments for this point
  • Would you prefer AIEBL to facilitate end to end transactions?
  • Please leave any comments for this point
  • Should AIBEL engage in services in facilitating legal agreements/contracts/due diligence?
  • Please leave any comments for this point
  • Would you want AIBEL to identify a fee for service mechanism?
  • Please leave any comments for this point
  • Should one of the service offerings from AIBEL include commercial negotiations?
  • Please leave any comments for this point
  • Should AIBEL be engaged in final agreement sign off and "closing the deal"?
  • Please leave any comments for this point
  • How important to you is the responsible management of AIBEL?
  • Please leave any comments for this point
  • Please leave any other comments here for any points not covered so far.