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AIBC Media Release – Vibrant Gujarat 2019

The AIBC led a delegation to Vibrant Gujarat 2019, held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat from 17-20 January 2019.

Conceived by the Prime Minister of India when he held the position of Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2003, the Vibrant Gujarat Summit is a platform for brainstorming agendas of global socio-economic development and a facilitator for knowledge sharing and forging effective partnerships. Vibrant Gujarat 2019 was the 9th such forum for discussion on global, national and state level agendas with a focus on all round economic development for a “New India”.

The AIBC has been a partner organisation of the Vibrant Gujarat summits for a number of summits and has the benefit of a deep history with the Gujarat Government.

There were 5 heads of state, senior national ministers from across the world and CEOs of major multinationals in attendance, in addition to 115 registered delegations and 26,380 registered businesses.

The AIBC was part of the greater Australian delegation of 35 members comprising sub-delegations from the Commonwealth of Australia, New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland and the AIBC. His Excellency General The Hon David Hurley AC DSC (Ret’d), Governor of New South Wales, headed the delegation for Australia.

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