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A message from AIBC National Chair – Mr Jim Varghese AM

National AIBC Chair’s Short and succinct address reminding the audience that Diwali for business meant good governance, honesty, trust and working to stimulate economic recovery.

Also in attendance at the Address to the Federation of Indian Communities was Nik Senapati, President of QLD AIBC Chapter

AIBC National Chair Jim Varghese speaks at the FICQ Event
The FICQ Diwali Event 2020 was held at the Brisbane Town Hall, on Nov 22nd, 2020
AIBC National Chair bids everyone a happy Diwali filled with positivity and compassion
The roof of the Brisbane Town Hall was lit up with the Indian Flag

About the Federation of Indian Communities Queensland

The Federation of Indian Communities of Queensland Inc (FICQ) is the peak umbrella body consisting of over 40 Indian organisations, which represent people of Indian origin now living in Queensland. The migration of these people of Indian Origin is truly diverse as they hail from varied nationalities including, but not limited to, India, Fiji Islands, Republic of South Africa, Malaysia, United Kingdom and many others.This non-profit organisation was formed in 1998 to provide a common platform in representing the Indian Community at all levels of government and other institutions. Today FICQ represents about 100,000 Australian citizens/permanent residents of Indian diaspora and Indian overseas students living in Queensland. We feel extremely proud that FICQ is also the largest Indian Federation in Australia.An important role of FICQ is to facilitate amongst the various Indian organisations to work together as one group on common issues for the benefit of all Indians or people of Indian origin in Queensland. Membership of the FICQ is open to all organisations who identify with India or who are of Indian sub-continent origin that are constitutionally structured and incorporated. If you belong to an organisation, which identifies itself with Indian values, we encourage you to join FICQ, so that we can build a strong Indian community in Queensland.