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August 2020

In this August 2020 edition of the AIBC Newsletter, we’ll be looking at:

  • Independence Day Message
  • News Highlights Video Narration
  • The fight against COVID – Australia and India
  • The shining sectors witnessing growth in 2020
  • The deepening relationship between India and Australia
  • Message from the AIBC National Chair
  • Make In India Chapter Launched by AIBC Victoria
  • AIBC State Chapter Updates
  • Recent AIBC Events – Watch all the Replays
  • About our Sponsor
  • Editor’s Note

A special thanks to our sponsor.

Independence Day Message

Today we celebrate India’s Independence Day.

In the midst of COVID-19 India and Australia celebrates the signing of the landmark comprehensive strategic partnership agreement which embodies the economic determination and sovereignty of India 74 years after independence.

Let us celebrate India’s Independence Day by promoting and nurturing business to business activities at all levels to grow the economic and social capital of India and Australia.

Jim Varghese AM
National Chair

Have only 3 minutes? Watch the highlights below:

The fight against COVID – Australia and India

Australia’s response to the coronavirus outbreak so far has been among the most successful in the world. From a peak of more than 400 cases a day, the rate has fallen significantly. Read more about the major reasons for Australia’s success story

Shining Sectors witnessing Growth in 2020

The world has experienced such dizzying levels of uncertainty in the rarest of rare occasions. We are going through such unparalleled times that one cannot completely fathom what the new normal is. Here are some of the business sectors which have seen an upsurge in their dealings.

India and Australia deepen Trade and Strategic relationships

The June 4 virtual summit between Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a decisive step forward in this regard. Bilateral discussions have started to gain momentum with the aim to elevate the relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership. Read more about how this relationship is poised to grow. 

Message from the National Chair

“The AIBC is now established as a unique business council with a great profile in both India and Australia”

Since our April Newsletter the AIBC has held high level webinars with record attendances and presented a highly focused business profile.
We have strengthened our partnerships in India with CII, FICCI, Australia Indo Business Chamber and Invest India.
In Australia we have opened up new partnering opportunities with the Business Council of Australia and the Export Council of Australia.
We are consolidating our relationships with Federal, State and Local Government agencies in both India and Australia.
I am very encouraged with the high quality of our national chapter chairs in these key areas of trade and investment:

  • Agribusiness
  • Corporate and Investment
  • Education and Skills Development
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Digital
  • Make in India
  • Renewable Energy
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Startups and Innovation
  • Women in Business
  • Young Business Leaders

Our National Industry Chapter Chairs together with our AIBC Digital Exchange Forum (#AIBCDEF)  are well aligned to maximizing our opportunities to facilitate the implementation of the comprehensive strategic partnership between India and Australia, which was signed off on 4th June 2020, at the virtual summit between the Prime Minister of India and Australia.

Since our April newsletter the AIBC has held the following webinars:

  • “The Economic Impact of COVID-19 on India-Australia Trade” in partnership with FICCI.
  • “Australian Immigration – Impacts of COVID-19” in partnership with Nasscom and presented by Fragomen.
  • “The New Outlook for the Manufacturing Sector for Australia and India” Make in India Chapter and AIBC Victoria webinar.
  • Carmichael Project: Status Update and Impact of COVID-19 webinar QLD.
  • “Navigating the Way forward for WA and India” in collaboration with UWA, CCIWA, Indian Consulate Perth & Perth USAsia Centre
  • Involvement in the India Global Week 2020 – Australia Stream.
  • “Australia-India Prime Ministers Virtual Summit – Opportunities for Business and Economy”  – partnering with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) – with live streaming on Facebook and Youtube.
  • AIBC Agribusiness Industry Chapter Launch and Webinar – “Moving forward with bilateral opportunities in Agribusiness” – launched by the Honorable Minister David Littleproud – Minister for Agriculture, Drought & Emergency Management – with livestreaming on Facebook and Youtube.
Following the virtual meeting between the two Prime Ministers and a joint communication by FICCI and AIBC, FICCI and AIBC plan to hold a joint seminar series (webinar) addressing key sectors of Make in India such as Digital and Emerging Technologies, Energy, Health and Pharmaceuticals, Mining and Infrastructure between August to October 2020.  
We look forward to delivering a 12-month program of events using digital platforms and social media. These events will be delivered by our industry chapters.
Jim Varghese AM
National Chair

Jim Varghese AM
National Chair
Hotline: 1800 961 839

Top Events

Australia-India Prime Ministers Virtual Summit – Opportunities for Business and Economy

On 17 July 2020 during a first-of-its-kind webinar, distinguished speakers discussed the implications on bilateral business and economy of June’s virtual Australian and Indian Prime Ministers summit, during which nine Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP) agreements were signed, with the unanimous message being ‘the time is ripe now’ for bilateral engagement.

New Outlook for Manufacturing for Australia & India – AIBC – Make In India Industry Chapter & FICCI

On 21st May, the AIBC Make In India Chapter was launched with a very enthusiastic response from participants from India and Australia. The event, endorsed by the Australian Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, Simon Birmingham, saw eminent experts helping us identify areas of immediate potential for Australian and Indian business to benefit from Make In India. 

Covid-19 has created some new opportunities for many Australian agricultural businesses to move away from China, their traditional long-standing partner.

The agribusiness between Australia and India offers a huge range of opportunities including food products, agricultural machinery, food processing, food wastage, supply chain, storage and logistics and water management and harvesting. These identified opportunities are in line with India Economic Strategy by the Federal Government (Peter Varghese report)


An energising webinar by Adani Australia, and from the Trade and Investment Queensland – business assistance and grants for exporters.

Read more about the latest updates from the AIBC Queensland Chapter >>


AIBC South Australia is now primed under the leadership of our new chapter chair, Deepa Matthew, and excited with the opportunity to expand the team.

Read more about the latest opportunities with the AIBC South Australia Chapter >>


The launch of the Make in India Chapter in Victoria, exciting associations with new members, government initiatives to promote trade and business, and more.

Read more about the latest updates from the AIBC Victoria Chapter >>

Recent Events

For the comprehensive list of recent and upcoming events, visit the AIBC Events Calendar. 

AIBC welcomes nib health Funds Limited as NSW State Gold Sponsor/ Event Partner

nib Group provides health and medical insurance to over 1.6 million Australian and New Zealand residents. They also provide health insurance to more than 190,000 international students and workers in Australia. Nib has a mission and vision of people enjoying better health.

As a national provider of private health cover, nib is committed to supporting a range of events, organisations, initiatives and health-related programs that increase awareness of the nib brand, as well as help promote healthy and active lifestyles for their customers, employees and the wider community.

AIBC has signed an agreement with nib health Funds Limited recently. As per this comprehensive agreement nib health Funds Limited is an NSW State Gold Sponsor and an event partner for AIBC in New South Wales.

“We are excited about this partnership with nib health Funds Limited. We have identified a few key events to promote bilateral trade between India and NSW and it is timely that nib health Funds Limited has partnered with AIBC NSW for this objective. Our partnership will be mutually beneficial” said Mr Sameer Arora, President of AIBC New South Wales. 

Editor’s Note

Hello all,

Happy Independence Day Greetings to All Indians in Australia!

This Independence Day comes in a rather lackluster setting, with the COVID-19 pandemic inflicting loss of numerous lives and pushing Indian economy into turmoil. The mood is dull, for sure. However, I strongly hope that this Independence Day will herald brighter, prosperous days with a thriving economy and healthier populace. Expatriates have not only expressed sympathy on the plight of the suffering millions but they have pledged to keenly contribute towards the rebuilding of Indian economy.

I am eagerly waiting to see mankind bouncing back on its feet, stronger and smarter. When we are pushed against the wall, it invariably opens doors of new opportunities. We shall shed our complacence in mastering the art of survival and get fitter to surpass the current crisis.

This hard-hitting global tourist called COVID-19 has made the world sit up and take stock of the present. This retrospective dynamic of the pandemic will definitely help humanity to ponder and generate novel ideas and hidden opportunities. As we say, an opportunity lies beneath every challenge. When humanity faces one of its biggest challenges, opportunities too are bound to be endless. Let’s explore them in unison.

When millions are confined to their homes and home-desks replace spacious conference rooms, independence itself acquires a whole new meaning. Let’s work towards the true independence of humanity.

Dr. Tanya Unni
Editor – Newsletter 
National Chair – Healthcare Chapter


Dr. Tanya Unni

National Secretariat
Ms Wendy Farrell