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Over the last 35 years, the Australia India Business Council Ltd (AIBC) has been advocating closer, meaningful and successful bilateral relations between Australia and India. AIBC works closely, and in partnership, with both government and industry bodies to develop strong business, economic, community, trade and investment ties between the two countries.
The AIBC NSW State Chapter has played a key role in establishing and enabling this strong engagement across the bilateral ecosystems. Considering our growing, stronger, joint relationships between Australia and India, augured by the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreements (CECA), signed between the two Prime Ministers, and the recent traction to deliver on accelerated trade engagement pathways, now is the time to further strengthen government to government, business to business and people to people linkages.
Leveraging on the Australia India Economic Strategies (IES 2035 & AES 2020) and AIBC’s broader strategies, AIBC NSW aims to become the State’s trusted trade and investment link, fostering growing interests for industry-based collaboration and scaling up engagements across both systems. This is also augmented by the strong support from both Australian and Indian Governments to leverage and accelerate innovation, advanced manufacturing capabilities and increased supply chain pathways and deliver tangible outcomes.
The new AIBC NSW Leadership and Management Team has been entrusted unanimously to lead and deliver on these strategic outcomes and shape impactful results collectively with the strong membership at the AIBC NSW State Chapter. This new team collectively has a wealth of knowledge and experience across multiple avenues including business, social, cultural, trade, investments, consulting, board leadership, startups, innovation, economic policies, multi-industry sector linkages, to build on the stronger and closer multi-dimensional ties between NSW and the several Indian States.
The AIBC NSW Management Committee members unanimously elected Irfan Malik, as the State President to lead the NSW Chapter through the vital two-year term of 2021-2023 – to drive the active engagement of AIBC NSW members and to work closely with partners to deliver on the strategic outcomes along with the AIBC National leadership.
Irfan brings over 20 years’ experience in Technology leadership, Innovation, Digital Transformation, Trade and Investments, Capital raise, Global Scale-up, Market Access programs and a collaborative & inclusive leadership style to take this important AIBC NSW State Chapter to greater achievements ahead. He has been heading inQ Innovation, a Global Open Innovation Ecosystem actively involved in Startup and Innovation bi-lateral Ecosystem collaboration, Global Market Scaling and Investment raise propositions. He was AIBC Industry Chapter Chair for Startups and Innovation (2019 -2021) playing a key role in entrepreneurship initiatives for capacity building, including facilitating Australia India Innovation bridge activities. He is also a well-recognised community leader, working closely with the Indian Consulate General, Sydney and various local/global community-support based organisations.
Irfan is joined by Sangeeta Venkatesan, Chair FairVine Super, as the AIBC NSW Vice President and Tim Regan, COO The George Institute of Global Health and Research, as the AIBC NSW Treasurer as part of the AIBC NSW Executive. They are supported by diverse, experienced and skilled Management Committee Members:

  • Abizer Merchant
  • Indu Balachandran                
  • Javed Khan
  • Dr Partha Mukherjee
  • Thushara Liyanarachchi

They are all committed to working closely with AIBC NSW members and the AIBC National leadership to enhance the broader business and trade engagement, along with the NSW Government and NSW based industry partners, and will focus very actively to create a positive impact on Australia India bilateral relationships.
Jim Varghese AM                                                            Irfan Malik                             
National Chair AIBC                                                        State President – AIBC NSW   
E:                                       E:
M: +61 474 739 479                                                       M: +61 434 606 329

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