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Media Release

“Vocational Education and Training for International students should be a key priority now.”

Australia India Business Council Limited lauds Federal Government post Covid -19 Education Sector reforms

It is excellent news that there will be more focus in strengthening relationship between higher education and business as we now move forward,” said Mr. Jim Varghese AM, National Chair, Australia India Business Council.

It is also good news that the Federal Government is welcoming back international students to Australia through a pilot program now that we are managing the Covid-19 impact,” stated Mr Varghese adding, “However vocational education and training for International students should be a key priority to be considered in the just announced education sector reforms by the Government. This is in line with the recent agreement reached at the recent virtual meeting between the Indian and Australian Prime Ministers. As stated in the India Economic Strategy, Australia’s strength in vocational training is aligned with the Skills India campaign, a flagship reform effort of the Modi Government”

Announcing a reform package recently, consisting of a series of measures in the education sector in post Covid -19 Australia, the Federal Education Minister, The Hon Dan Tehan MP said, “Our package offers universities a strong partnership with government and business to ensure they play a key role in Australia’s recovery from COVID-19.

“Crucially, it was designed in consultation with key leaders from the sector and industry. Our package provides opportunities across three objectives namely to Increase the number of graduates in areas of expected employment growth and demand, such as teaching, nursing, agriculture, STEM and IT, to lift the education attainment for students in regional Australia and to strengthen relationships with business to drive workforce participation and productivity. We will be resetting the relationship between the two streams of education namely higher education and vocational education and training. We must enhance and improve how the two systems interact so students can move more seamlessly from one to the other over the course of their education.”

Mr. Tehan also said that International Students will be back in Australia soon through a pilot program as Australia was successfully suppressing COVID-19, and had access to a world-leading health system and political and social stability.

Reiterating AIBC’s view on Vocational Education, Dr. Partha Mukherjee, National Chair of its Education Chapter said, “it is time that the Federal Government considers internationalising the Australian Vocational education and training skills and providing special visas for International students in the education and training of high end of the Vocational education segment, AIBC will be happy to participate in any consultative process with the Federal Government to achieve these objectives” stated Dr. Mukherjee.


    Mr Jim Varghese AM, National Chair, Australia India Business Council Ltd.

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                Dr Partha Mukherjee, AIBC Education and Skills Development Chapter Chair

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