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AIBC members belong to a diverse range of industries and are at the very top of their respective fields. All of us at AIBC have a passion for business and our members, and that’s why we are so excited to partner with companies that can help us offer our members innovative and exclusive benefits with some of the most innovative organisations in the world.

AIBC is now delighted to offer its members exclusive access to amazing discounts and rewards at thousands of stores across Australia, the next wave of exclusive rewards for retail and online shopping. Members can now avail of exclusive discounts on a range of online and retail stores, such as Woolworths, JB Hifi, and more.

Manjit Singh, Chair – AIBC Member Benefits said “I can proudly say our Membership Benefits Program continues to grow bigger and bigger each year. Business partnerships are a great way to both grow businesses and to make connections. That’s why it’s important to get the right partner. AIBC members cherish our ongoing corporate programs with Jeep, Alfa Romeo and BMW which offer exclusive business discounts and benefits to AIBC members.
This Shopping rewards program is another valuable addition to one of the many ways AIBC Members benefit from being part of AIBC. We encourage all members to avail the discounts, which now cover nearly all the popular major retail brands in Australia”.

Jim Varghese AM, Chair – AIBC National, said “The AIBC has always been about adding value to its members, and businesses look forward to the value that AIBC members bring to any business relationship”

Our Corporate Programs and Rewards portal is accessible to all AIBC financial members.


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