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Digital Exchange Forum FAQs

Welcome to the AIBC Digital Exchange Forum. If you are new to the #AIBCDEF here are a few Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the AIBC Digital Exchange Forum #AIBCDEF?

The Digital Exchange Forum is an online platform set up exclusively for AIBC members to get access to trade and business transaction opportunities. It will also enable members of #AIBCDEF to interact with other AIBC members across all AIBC Chapters in Australia. The #AIBCDEF also is the forum for partner associations of AIBC such as FICCI, CII, etc to share ongoing tenders and opportunities for AIBC members to participate.

All rules applicable to current members of AIBC as per the existing Terms and Conditions Click Here and Policy & Procedures Manual Click Here will apply to every member of #AIBCDEF. For a copy of these documents please click as shown earlier.

2. How do I join the Digital Exchange Forum?

The AIBC Digital Exchange Forum is exclusive to AIBC Members only. Once you are an approved AIBC member, you will have access to various resources on . From there you can register and join the digital exchange forum.

3. Do all members of AIBC have access to the #AIBCDEF?

Yes, all AIBC Members have access to the #AIBCDEF as part of their ongoing membership subscription. To maintain access to the #AIBCDEF, you will need to maintain your AIBC membership.

4. Can I post any opportunity?

The #AIBCDEF is a platform for serious opportunities, deals and tenders. AIBC Members are responsible for what they post, and how they interact with the opportunity. AIBC is not responsible for any transaction happening on or off the #AIBCDEF.

5. How does the #AIBCDEF work?

a. The #AIBCDEF is organised by Industry Chapters, Initiatives and Partner Organisation opportunities as the main Forum Chapters. For example, you can find the ‘Renewable Energy Chapter’. 

b. Within each Industry Chapter, you can post a new Opportunity or view conversations already ongoing, regarding existing opportunities.

c. Each Industry Chapter Chair is responsible to view, monitor and guide the various opportunities under the respective Industry Chapter. Any enquiry regarding a new or ongoing opportunity can be sent to the author of the opportunity who will respond directly to the enquiries.

d. There are no fees payable for posting opportunities or closing any transactions directly between AIBC members. AIBC will not be responsible or liable for any transactions initiated under this forum. All members are requested to undertake their own due diligence and seek external independent professional advice.

6. How do I submit a new Opportunity?

When you enter into a Chapter, at the bottom of the topics, you can see a New Topic section. Here is where you can create the opportunity. Below is a filled out example:

  1. Topic Name: this is the Deal or Opportunity name. Please be as clear as possible with this title, so that it can be used for searching and future reference. 
  2. Deal Value: This is a numerical value of the size of the opportunity. Please convert into AUD and type only the numeric value so that it can be displayed correctly. 
  3. Description: Here you can type in the details about the opportunity. Please be as clear as possible of what is involved, what are the deadlines, and how to proceed. Other #AIBCDEF members will be able to respond based on your initial post
  4. Tags: Here you can type in the relevant keywords for the deal, such as ‘Opportunity’, ‘Lead’, etc
  5. Notify me of follow-up replies via email: Check this box, to be sent an email notification whenever any other member replies to your comment or post. 

7. What are the Terms and Conditions of the #AIBCDEF

Digital Exchange Forum Rules

  1. All rules applicable to current members of AIBC as per the existing Terms and Conditions Click Here and Policy & Procedures Manual Click Here will apply to every member of #AIBCDEF. For a copy of these documents please click as shown earlier.
  2. Professional decorum is expected, and all standard rules relating to AIBC behaviour and etiquette apply to the digital exchange. Treat this forum as a physical space.
  3. This forum is for Business Exchange. As such, any political discussion is not permitted.
  4. AIBC provides this platform for exchange of information and is not liable for the validity of the information posted by its members.
  5. AIBC will not be held responsible or liable for transactions undertaken by members based on information provided on the forum.
  6. Any unprofessional behaviour, such as spamming, harassment, racist remarks, can result in a ban from the Digital Exchange Forum and even revoking of your AIBC Membership, as noted in the AIBC Policy and Procedures Manual.
  7. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless AIBC its officers, directors, employees, agents and third parties, for any losses, costs, liabilities and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) relating to or arising out of your violation of any terms of this Agreement.

8. What does ‘Subscribe’ mean?

Now you can stay on top of all new opportunities and replies at the #AIBCDEF with the Subscribe functionality. You can subscribe at 2 levels:

  1. You can subscribe at a Chapter Level, which will inform you via email of any NEW opportunities created.
  2. You can subscribe at an Opportunity level, which will inform you via email of any NEW Replies to that opportunities.
  3. There are no fees for these subscriptions.

9. Who can I contact for any other queries?

Please contact the National Secretariat for any other queries. You can contact them regarding #AIBCDEF by sending an email to

10. What do some of the terminology appearing on each post mean?

  • Sticky: A topic can be marked Sticky by a moderator, which will appear on top of the Opportunities list
  • Closing a Topic: A topic can be marked as closed, after which no more replies will be allowed. This is usually when a deal is completed.