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Australia India Business Council Ltd (AIBC) trading as Australia India Business Enterprise (AIBE), the commercial arm of AIBC, is actively pursuing prospective Business-to-Business (B2B) leads from both Australia and India catering to various market segments including Agribusiness, Products and Services, Technology partnerships, Manufacturing, Information Technology etc.

The complexity and range of products, goods, services, technology transfers managed by AIBE in the above market segments necessitate the need for providing Legal Support Services for both Australian and Indian businesses moving forward with commercial arrangements.

AIBE invites proposals from qualified and experienced Legal Service Providers to be included in a limited Panel of Legal Service Providers from both Australia and India in the following categories of services. The Panel will be limited to 5 (five) numbers of providers in each category and totalling 25 (twenty-five) numbers from both Australia and India.

1. Commercial

• Commercial and contractual matters
• Development of commercial/contract documents
• Financial related services including exchange rates agreements
• Intellectual property, Patents, Copyright
• Information technology laws, Taxation laws
• Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and Partnerships

2. Employment, Work Health and Safety (WHS)

• Employment or engagement, and industrial relations laws
• Discrimination & Appeal Process
• Migration and visa applications

3. Government, Regulatory and Administrative

• Due diligence, ASIC Checks, Police, Security specific matters
• Statutory applications, Enforcement, regulation, and prosecution

4. Litigation, Dispute Resolution and Arbitaration

• Liability litigation including Insurance claims
• General litigation, dispute resolution and debt recoveries

5. Legal support services

• Document production services
• Digital forensics

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