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Healthcare Chapter

Improving the lives of people in Australia, India and around the world


The AIBC Healthcare Chapter has been set up to elevate the highly relevant topic of Healthcare to the next level. Never has Healthcare been more important than today, with the entire population of the world looking towards our medical experts for sound advice and direction. 

Healthcare is a very broad term that refers to delivering preventive, curative, and rehabilitative services to improve the health of individuals and communities. The health care industry in the Australia alone is a huge and growing business, and it is not just limited to doctors and hospitals. Health care professionals can include dentists, medical assistants, home medical equipment providers, social workers, and more.

Understanding how it works and the different players involved can be confusing, but the purpose of the health care system is to provide affordable, high-quality care for everyone.

Through dialogue, and networking, the AIBC Healthcare chapter brings together medical and business experts to support trade and business growth, ultimately benefitting all of humanity.

Healthcare Chapter Team

Dr. Tanya Unni

Chair for Healthcare Chapter

Vish Viswanathan

Chair for Make In India Chapter

Wendy Farrell

AIBC National Secretariat

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