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Agribusiness Chapter

Agriculture is one of the oldest businesses in the world and it has been undergoing vast changes since it was first begun. Today, agriculture uses advanced technology and science to improve crops and livestock in order to provide food and raw materials to the population… Learn more

Con Livissianis, Chair for Agribusiness Chapter

Recent Event

Aug 17 – Is Agriculture 4.0 shaping the future of AgriTech?

Corporate and Investments Chapter

Corporate finance includes planning, raising, investing and monitoring of finance in order to achieve the financial objectives of the company. The world of business is changing rapidly. New technologies are challenging industries and creating new opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs alike…Learn more

Ramesh Karnani, Chair for Corporate and Investments Chapter


Ships Australia and India

Defence & Security Industry Chapter

The Australia–India defence relationship now encompasses almost every major function of the military: strategic dialogues, coordination, and information exchanges; military exercises involving ground, air and maritime forces; exchanges and training; and defence scientific and technological cooperation.

Joe Williams, Chair for Defence & Security Industry Chapter


Education and Skills  Development Chapter

Education and Skills Development is and important part of our society. It is a great way to help people get a better understanding of the world around them. Education is the first step to to success in any sector. At AIBC, we understand that education is the key to the future for the young and old alike… Learn more

Amritha Zachariah, Chair for Education and Skills Development Chapter

Recent Event

May 19: Australia India Skills Training and Collaboration

Financial Services Chapter – TBe Advised

Financial services refer to the economic services that deal with money management and are products of institutions such as banking firms, insurance companies, investment funds, credit unions, brokerage firms and consumer finance companies… Learn more

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Healthcare Chapter

The AIBC Healthcare Chapter has been set up to elevate the highly relevant topic of Healthcare to the next level. Never has Healthcare been more important than today, with the entire population of the world looking towards our medical experts for sound advice and direction. Learn more 

Dr. Tanya Unni, Chair for Healthcare Chapter

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Digital Chapter

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) is an essential part of everyday life. Computers and telecommunications have been around for decades, and the internet is making the world a smaller place by bringing people together, irrespective of the distance between them… Learn more

Ashok Mysore, Chair for Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Digital Chapter

Infrastructure Chapter

The establishment of good infrastructure is a necessary step in the development of any nation, economy or business. Infrastructure plays an important role in supporting our economy and social network. It is a way to increase productivity, particularly for the labor force…Learn more

Anand Singh – Chair for Infrastructure Chapter

Make In India Chapter

MAKE IN INDIA was launched by Government of India under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Modi in 2014 during which he said: “Go and sell in any country of the world but manufacture here. We have skill, talent, discipline and the desire to do something.  Learn more

Vish Viswanathan, Chair for Make in India Chapter

Renewable Energy Chapter

In 2017, we lost 100 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This is the equivalent of the emissions from 4 billion cars. That’s why it’s important to take action on climate change. In the past few years, annual clean energy investment has been around $200 billion. That’s the equivalent of Australia’s entire renewable energy target for 2021…Learn more

Samir Vora – Chair for Renewable Energy Chapter

Resources Chapter

Resources are extracted from the earth to help support human life. With the increase in the extraction and use of natural resources, the world is in the midst of a permanent resource crisis. We are rapidly depleting and degrading our natural resources at an unsustainable rate… Learn more

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SME Chapter

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are an indispensable part of our economy. They provide employment and many other important benefits such as innovation and economic growth. Unfortunately, there are many barriers to financing that can affect the ability of SMEs to grow and prosper. This AIBC chapter will aim to eliminate some of these barriers and how they affect SMEs… Learn more

To Be Announced

Sports Industry Chapter

The sports industry was born to promote health with exercise and sport. It is true that the main purpose of sports is to improve physical health; however, this is only one of the many ways that sports have contributed to and shaped the world we live in. Sports help us to grow as individuals, and a mutual love for sports has contributed immensely to Australia and India’s friendship over the years… Learn more

Dr Ashutosh Misra – Chair for Sports Industry Chapter

Startups and Innovation Chapter

In the past 20 years, the world has seen the creation of many new businesses, and all of them have had a direct impact on our everyday lives. From handheld computers to virtual agents and robots, humans have created a huge number of technologies to make everyone’s life easier. Many of these technologies have become indispensable to our daily lives and have improved our quality of life beyond measure… Learn more

Irfan Malik, Chair for Startups and Innovation Chapter

Women in Business Chapter

Women have made significant and irreplaceable contributions to business over the years. They have been the primary reason for the development of many global brands. However, the success of many of these brands are attributed to the contributions of only a select few women. For every woman who is a successful entrepreneur, there are many more that don’t have the necessary skills to succeed in business. AIBC believes that women need to be encouraged and mentored as they embark on a career in business… Learn more

Sheba Nandkeolyar, Chair for Women in Business Chapter

Recent Event

Young Business Leaders Chapter

Young business leaders are rising in numbers. Now, it’s not just big-company CEOs that are being replaced by a new crop of tech-savvy young men and women. Startups, too, are increasingly populated by young entrepreneurs with ideas that are modern and current… Learn more

Arpit Shah, Chair for Young Business Leaders Chapter

Membership Benefits Chapter

Business partnerships are a great way to both grow businesses and to make connections. That’s why it’s important to get the right partner. AIBC is proud to have partnered with some of the top companies in the world, like like Jeep, Alfa Romeo and BMW, to offer exclusive discounts and benefits to AIBC members… Learn more

Manjit Ginny Singh, Membership Benefits National Chapter Chair