Agribusiness Chapter

Agriculture is one of the oldest businesses in the world and it has been undergoing vast changes since it was first begun. Today, agriculture uses advanced technology and science to improve crops and livestock in order to provide food and raw materials to the population… Learn more

Con Livissianis, Chair for Agribusiness Chapter

Recent Event

Feb 25 – Shaping the Future of Water Usage in Agriculture

Healthcare Chapter

The AIBC Healthcare Chapter has been set up to elevate the highly relevant topic of Healthcare to the next level. Never has Healthcare been more important than today, with the entire population of the world looking towards our medical experts for sound advice and direction. Learn more 

Dr. Tanya Unni, Chair for Healthcare Chapter

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Digital Chapter

Ashok Mysore, Chair for Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Digital Chapter

Resources Chapter

To Be Announced

SME Chapter

To Be Announced