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Kim Russell – National Advisor for Agribusiness Chapter

Kim’s farm management background spanned 20 years on large irrigated agricultural enterprises. During this period, key achievements include the development of integrated farm management and industry wide decision support systems that incorporate quality assurance, environmental management and occupational health and safety in the value chain.

In 2003 Kim transitioned to consulting, providing agronomic and business development advice in food production and processing. Contributions to water management and policy for emerging water markets, development of organic fertiliser production technologies for soil improvement and published extensive land capability studies, both in Australia and overseas, count among Kim’s major consulting achievements. achievements. Building on early work in decision support systems, Kim has also been heavily involved in digital agriculture for improved crop performance and environmental outcomes, showing how directly linking these aspects of farming boost profitability.

Throughout his career Kim has held many industry leadership roles, including:

  • Chair, Irrigated Cropping Forum
  • Executive Director, Australian
  • National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage
  • Chair, Southern Farming Systems
  • Chair, Stumpjump Foundation

As a founding member of the Stumpjump Foundation, an Australian not for profit organisation promoting food, water, and soil security projects as a path out of poverty in emerging economies, Kim has also expanded his consulting expertise into India and China.
Over the last 36 years the vast array of innovative agricultural and food production projects Kim has
completed has developed an extensive network across industry, government, and non-government
organisations, both in Australia and internationally.

Kim Russell