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Manu Hingorani has just recently been appointed the AIBC National Partnership Advisor and is keen to more involved with AIBC’s strategic plan going forward.

Manu is an experienced leader within the Smart Infrastructure Industry with over 25 years in public and private organisations. He has led and contributed to major national and international award-winning infrastructure initiatives in Queensland such as; Smart Motorways, Emergency vehicle pre-emption, intelligent collision prevention systems, data analytics for Commonwealth Games. He maintains a high standard of engineering and management practice through governance and risk management. He leads with focus and optimism in an environment of complexity and ambiguity.

 Manu is recognised as a technical leader for delivering infrastructure technology projects from concept through funding, design, commissioning, delivery, operations and handover. An experienced strategist, change leader and practitioner of change methodologies, Manu has been on boards of AITPM, Engineers Australia, ITS Australia. He has fostered strategic relationships with industry and academia on the delivery of key infrastructure and collaborating on developing sustainable industries in Australia and India. Manu holds a MBA and Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering degree.   He currently works as Principal Engineer (TS) – Metropolitan Region – Team Leader Network Optimisation – Metropolitan Region for the Department of Transport Mains Road.