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Membership Plans

Membership of the AIBC offers you and your organisation a range of unique opportunities to develop valuable partnerships with business, government, and educational executives and influencers across the Australia – India trade and investment spectrum.

National Corporate



Companies with offices in multiple states May nominate up to 3 additional contacts in the state/territory of its headquarters and 1 additional contact in each other state/territory



Companies with more than 50 staff operating in one state May nominate three additional contacts.



Companies with 10 to 50 staff May nominate one additional contact



Companies with less than 10 staff. This registration is for 1 individual representing the company. For additional seats, consider Associate or Corporate.

Business Professionals


For Professionals joining in their personal capacity or Sole Traders/Freelancers

Young Professionals


For Young Professionals looking to expand their network. Application is available to those between the ages of 18 and 30.



For Students looking to expand their network

Exclusive Members Rewards Launched !

AIBC Members can now unlock exclusive discounts and rewards from thousands of stores across Australia.

The rewards program is only for current AIBC Members. Contact for more info.