We are pleased to announce the recent appointment of Mr Ashok Mysore to the position of AIBC Information & communication technology (ICT) and Digital Industry Chapter Chair.

Mr Ashok Mysore’s brief profile for the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Digital Industry Chapter Chair has been updated on the AIBC website. We encourage all our members to reach out to him directly for any trade or business inquiries with a copy to the National/State Secretariat for necessary follow up actions.

We are currently evaluating expressions of interest for the  Resources Chapter, Sports Chapter, and Tourism Chapter. Any strong recommendations are most welcome and can be sent by email to Mr. Mahadevan Shankar, AIBC National Advisor for Risk Management and Advocacy on nationalriskandadvocacy@aibc.org.au.

For those who wish to sponsor events during 2020 by Industry Chapter to promote your businesses through the events and/or our National Newsletter, please coordinate with your respective AIBC State Presidents and the Editor of the National Newsletter on editor@aibc.org.au.

Our Chapter Chair will play a key role in enhancing and increasing the trade and investment between India and Australia.

The Chapter Chair will be expected to work collaboratively with our state and territory presidents and breathe life into the AIBC strategic plan.