Sanushka Seomangal named amongst 100 Women of Influence in Australia Jun 29, 2019

"I have pleasure in drawing your attention to the article below .
Congratulations to our national vice chair - very impressive achievement - Sanushka has also been confirmed as a partner of Thomas Greer Lawyers."
 - Jim Varghese AM, National Chair AIBC Ltd 


Three women of Indian origin, Sanushka Seomangal, Saba Nabi and Div Pillay are in the Australian Financial Review 100 'Women of Influence' list in 2018. 

Sanushka's practice is largely cross-border with an Asia-focus and she has expertise in capital markets, and merger and acquisition transactions involving clients in the People's Republic of China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, America, and the UK.

Outside of work, Sanushka has a particular interest in India-Australia relations. She is the co-founder and director of the School of Policy and Governance, co-founder of the Australia India Youth Dialogue and National Vice Chair of the Australia India Business Council (AIBC). 

She is also a member of Women on Boards and UN Women.

Sanushka has also been a member of the NSW Government Ministerial Consultative Committee and a member of Philanthropy Australia's New Generation of Giving (New Gen).


Sanushka, who is a second generation lawyer, tells SBS Hindi,

"I never thought I would be on a list like this. I am still quite overwhelmed but  I am very happy."

Sanushka was raised in South Africa. She tells SBS Hindi that her mother was among the few female lawyers of Indian origin in apartheid South Africa. 

"My mum and dad are very very supportive and encouraging. I have learned a lot from them, that has helped me to push ahead."  

In Australia, Sanushka spends a lot of her time working on education, gender and, international relations between Australia and India. She tells us that while in her day job she is a corporate lawyer, but her passion outside of work has been the Australia India space.   

As an immigrant who has made a mark in Australia, Sanushka says, 

"No Journey is easy. Every journey has its challenges and obstacles. My experiences have been varied but on the whole, I have a lot of people who have supported me through the years and given me the kind of encouragement and motivation to pick myself up, dust myself off and keep forging ahead. There have been challenges but challenges are good, they make us stronger. They make us strive to do better."

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