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Startups and Innovation Chapter

Startups and Innovation Chapter

In the past 20 years, the world has seen the creation of many new businesses, and all of them have had a direct impact on our everyday lives. From handheld computers to virtual agents and robots, humans have created a huge number of technologies to make everyone’s life easier. Many of these technologies have become indispensable to our daily lives and have improved our quality of life beyond measure.

AIBC recognises that innovation is an important aspect of any business. When companies are focused on bringing innovations to the market, they are able to create more value for their customers. This value can be quantified in many ways, and this chapter is all about supporting innovation to lead to the establishment of successful startups.

Australia and India offer both exciting innovations as well as lucrative markets. The AIBC Startups and Innovation Chapter helps connect Startups and Investors across Australia and India, and also helping launch businesses who are looking to grow overseas.


Startups and Innovation Chapter Team

Wendy Farrell

AIBC National Secretariat