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Media Release

Sunil Gavaskar and Hon Richard Colbeck launch AIBC’s first ever National Sports Industry Chapter

February 1 2021

The virtual launch of the AIBC Sports Industry Chapter has set the stage for a major milestone in the bilateral trade ties between Australia and India. The Inauguration was graced by Special Guest, Indian Cricket Legend Sunil Gavaskar, with the Keynote Address from the Minister of Sport, Australia, Senator the Hon Richard Colbeck amongst many distinguished speakers. The virtual launch was attended by over 170 attendees from India and Australia and had a reach of over 39,000.
The event started with the Keynote Address by Senator Richard Colbeck, the Minister for Sport, Australia who said that Australia and India have a history of sharing many similarities in cricket and other sports. The Minister also discussed the need for sport to be used as a bridge between the two nations. He mentioned that, “Sport is a great unifier, it helps form friendships and partnerships and it fosters greater understanding between people of different cultures. “
Interim CEO Cricket Australia, Nick Hockley, expressed his enthusiasm for the sport, with the recent exciting match between Australia and India. Nick said “Cricket is such a great phenomenon, and at the end of the day, it’s the Sportsmanship and Spirit of the game that unifies us”, and looks forward to raising the partnership between Australia and India to new heights.
Ambassador Anil Wadhwa, Confederation of Indian Industry Task Force Lead for Australia Economic Strategy Report, discussed the highlights of the recently published report. From his perspective, Sports is a critical Industry with great potential for not just economic growth but also cultural growth and better appreciation of our common interests.
Chief Strategy Officer of Essendon Football Club, Brenton Humphreys, expressed his optimism for the growth of sports interest beyond Cricket. India is a diverse country with a history of participating in other sports including Football and Hockey. One of the fantastic opportunities ahead is to introduce India to other sports that India and Australia can compete on, tapping into the vast audience in India for Australia and the challenge of the sport in India.
The AIBC Sports Chapter National Chair, Preeti Daga, said that the potential for growth between Australia and India in the sports sector is immense. From her experience in working with the Sports industry, Preeti saw a logical partnership between Sports and Technology businesses based in Australia and India. “The Sports Chapter aims to bring businesses together to look at partnership opportunities and strengthen the bilateral ties both on and off the field”.
Aussizz Group founder and director Dharmendra Patel noted that one of the great aspects of the Australia India relations is the mutual love for the sport of Cricket. In his experience running one of the leading Migration and Education consultancies, Aussizz, he witnessed the spirit of friendship and how the love for the sport made Australia an attractive country for Indians to invest into, and likewise, India remains high on the list of Austalians ‘must visit’ places.
AIBC National Chair, Jim Varghese moderated the event, highlighting the importance of building stronger business relationships between Australia and India. Jim also referred to AIBC’s strategy to focus on Industries with strong potential for growth. “We have a large number of opportunities for both the business communities to engage in Industries such as in Sports. It gives everyone an opportunity to network and build business ties,” he said.
It was also a pleasure that The Indian News and Star Promotions promoted the event live to all their patrons for the afternoon.  The Indian News interviewed Mr Sunil Gavaskar the day prior to the launch of the Sports Industry Chapter inaugural webinar.

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