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Supporting programs to combat India’s second wave – AIBC’s actions breathe fresh Air

26 April 2021

India is currently facing a shortage of hospital beds and oxygen tanks due to the increased demand framed by the pandemic. The Prime Minister of India; Narendra Modi, announced that he’ll be holding meetings with the chief ministers of affected states and oxygen manufacturers on Friday. The decision has been based on the critical increment in cases the country has been witnessing with the daily caseload having doubled to over 300,000.

The Australian Government is considering a ban on all flight from India in response to the increased number of cases being reported in the sub-continent. The national security of cabinet is to discuss this measure on Tuesday; however, this would mean thousands of Australians, including players from the Indian Premier League, would be forced to remain in India. 

‘We have been actively mobilizing the Startup Ecosystem and the network across several states in India, by working with several Ecosystem partners along with local Govt and district health authorities to coordinate these resources better. Our focus is to mobilize and channel Oxygen Concentrates and Hospital Beds optimally,’ said Mr Jim Varghese AM, National Chair of AIBC. 

Jim further suggested that, ‘We could start working with FICCI CII and the Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce to assist the businesses and governments of India. It is crucial that we maintain our business council identity in response to the situation currently predominating the country. We must empower and support collaboration wherever necessary. It could be prudent for AIBC to work with our Indian partner- organizations to produce well-coordinated efforts and maximize the power of our collective efforts.’ 

The present demand in India is being met by the government, through oxygen express trains carrying tankers to wherever there is demand, and the Indian Air Force airlifting oxygen from military bases. 

Australia is currently undergoing discussions to send oxygen, ventilators and personal protective equipment to India as part of an immediate support package to be announced on Tuesday. Vaccines will probably not be including in the extension of helping aid due to shortage Australia is facing in itself, alongside the fact that India has ramped up domestic manufacturing of vaccines. The Indian Consulate, in Australia, is currently in search of potential suppliers for the drugs Remdesivir and Tocilizumab.

At present, the Indian Medical Association is currently working on strategizing effective and immediate measures that could aid the limitations in medical resources in India. The IMA is in the process of lending medical support to the Doctors and medical professionals in India. They plan on refreshing their expertise and knowledge before direct execution of the plan. The IMA is currently seeking community support in the field of logistics and E-commerce. The current strategy includes contacting local suppliers of the drugs in order to facilitate delivery action in real time. Discussion of a telehealth support line is also underway for the Doctors and medical professionals directly involved in these difficult times. The AIBC Industry Chapters are actively identifying supporting mechanisms and strategies in alignment to the response by the Australian Federal Government to support the Indian Government in these tough times.  

Authorized by:

Jim Varghese AM, AIBC National Chair

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Media Team of AIBC Ltd

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