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Sylvana Livissianis – Support for Agribusiness Chapter

Sylvana runs Webinars, Training Programs and Mentors small to medium sized business owners. She has a strong background as a CFO to medium to large Corporates helping major corporates such as Industrial Pipe Systems, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Polygram Music and Volvo Car Australia with cashflow forecasts, budgets and management reports for the Board of Directors. She is famous for developing simple 1-page management reports which analyse actuals, forecasts and budgets with KPIs. Utilising the KISS principle… “Keep It Simple Stupid”. Except, she strongly believes no one is incapable of learning, no matter how old you are.

Since 2004, Sylvana and her husband have created a range of products that are sold to small to medium size business’. Helping CEOs for personal cashflow and for business’ they manage. Sylvana also believes in Marketing Automation and works well with her team to deliver high quality results for her clients, sharing her knowledge wherever possible. The result of their hard work has resulted in products such as:

  • Exemplar Job Ready Training – for Accounting Graduates
  • Exemplar Online Skills Tests for Accountants & Senior Executives
  • Numeracy & Communication Skills tests
  • Innovative and latest technology products
  • AIRsteril – air purification products (based on UV and Ozone technology)
  • Exemplar Business Advisors – Webinars and face-to-face training

Sylvana Livissianis