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Thushara Liyanarachchi – NSW State Management Committee Member

Thushara Liyanarachchi is a name which for many, symbolises inspiration, diligence and
professionalism with warmth. Having joined the Luxury Hotel Group Taj, as a management trainee,
Thushara, through her hard work and dedication and an unparalleled zeal to deliver best results in
least given time; has risen to Director Global Sales – Australia and New Zealand.

Thushara’s name is synchronous with trust, loyalty, resourcefulness and integrity. Thushara
has successfully developed and nurtured relationships with Global consortia’s, Fortune 500
companies, both Federal & State Governments and incentive houses. Her in-depth
knowledge and ability to gauge the subtle market changes makes her indispensable in every
role and responsibilities at the highest level, both for inbound and outbound businesses out
of Australia and New Zealand.

Throughout her life, she has pursued the mantra of “How Do I Dare Greatly today?” Seeking
ways to challenge herself, she embraces the adrenaline rush of taking calculated risks, and
delighting in discovering the unexpected.

She attributes her marketing success to getting involved and going beyond the business
plans and the spreadsheets.  I’ve been fortunate to observe and learn from a lot of
innovative, passionate entrepreneurs whose achievements and approaches to overcoming
hurdles and I implement all this accrued experience in making things happen and in
resolving every hurdle what my clients may face.


Thushara Liyanarachchi