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Param Jaswal


Param Jaswal

AIBC Victoria Committee, Education and Skills Chapter Representative

Param Jaswal is the Managing Director of The Imperial College of Australia – a private education provider delivering vocational education to International and Australian students in Victoria.

The college has students from diverse backgrounds and are from across the globe. As a founder of the organisation, Param was responsible for the development of new programmes for the college and establishing the Imperial brand in Australia, New
Zealand and in Asia Pacific.

He has been professionally associated with the International higher education sector in Australia since 1992. He has in-depth understanding of benefits of education export sector to the economy of the country. He has been promoting the higher education in overseas countries as part of industry and government delegations. 

He has also been actively involved in number of community organisations at various levels. Currently, serving as President of Federation of Indian Origin Multi-faith organisations with 65 member organisations, Committee Member of Punjabi Club of Victoria. Param has first-hand opportunity to understand the welfare and settlement issues of new comers to Australia and New Zealand, either as overseas students or new migrants.

Param has presented a number of papers at Higher Education conferences in Australia and New Zealand on the pedagogy of teaching and learning spaces. His passion is to provide conducive learning environment to the students and is an expert in the change management process and extremely thorough in all his work practices. 

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