AIBC supports flood relief donations to the Australian Red Cross

AIBC supports flood relief donations to the Australian Red Cross

The Australia India Business Council has expressed deep sympathy for all those affected by the recent intense storms and rainfall across Queensland and New South Wales, causing unprecedented flash flooding across both states. Tens of thousands of homes and businesses are without power or have been damaged by floodwaters which have also caused road closures, making it difficult for people to access support services, or for relief to reach them.

The scale of the 2022 floods is emerging as reports filter out of the disaster zones, insurance claims are made, and statistics compiled. 

The Brisbane “rain bomb”, on 25 February for instance, deposited 80 per cent of the region’s annual rainfall within three days and the volume flowing through the Brisbane River far exceeded that of any previous floods.

Entire towns in NSW like Lismore and Ballina were evacuated with more than 1000 people rescued in Lismore alone.

Prime Minister Scott Morison has declared the floods in both states as a national emergency which gives the federal government power to deploy money and resources faster to those affected. 

As recovery from this natural disaster continues, AIBC supports donations from AIBC members, friends and business partners to the Red Cross Qld and NSW Floods Appeal.

Donations will help Red Cross to provide vital humanitarian support to the people and communities affected by the floods. 

The Red Cross Donation link is:

For more information contact: 

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