ECTA roadshows in Queensland with TIQ

Trade & Investment Queensland (TIQ) partnered with AIBC for a series of three regional roadshows from 27-29 March to promote opportunities from ECTA for businesses in Cairns, Townsville and the Gold Coast.

AIBC Queensland Chapter President, Nik Senapati, was on the road along with fellow panellists, Abhinav Bhatia, TIQ’s Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner, South Asia and Frances Lisson, Chief Negotiator AI-ECTA, DFAT.  AIBC is also hosting a special session for members in Brisbane on 3 April 2023.

While talking about new opportunities from ECTA, DFAT representatives mentioned that negotiations are now underway for the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) with India and this is the right time for businesses to make submissions. Submissions can be made by clicking here

Abhinav Bhatia of TIQ highlighted several success stories facilitated by TIQ in the Australia-India corridor across industries such as mining and related services, IT, skincare, health and sportstech.

AIBC’s Nik Senapati spoke about the importance of understanding the different states in India and choosing the right partner as critical for businesses to succeed.

The roadshows saw representations from several businesses  keen to partner with India in mining, education, tourism, agriculture (including fisheries), healthcare/healthtech and technology, among others.

AIBC thanks RCR Lawyers for sponsoring the event held at the Gold Coast.

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