Industry Chapter

Joe Williams

Chair for Defence & Security

Joe Williams is an entrepreneur who founded Vimanic Systems, an aerospace start-up company that has won several contracts to deliver airborne systems for defence and civil aircraft. With 25 years of experience as a technologist, sales manager and entrepreneur working across India, Australia and the US, Joe has an extraordinary mix of technical and business acumen. His experience covers working for start-up’ and blue-chip companies like IBM, Micro Focus, Fujitsu and HP, where he led sales engagements and managed business units at the country level. He is well experienced in working with Australian and Indian defence entities through various consultations. Joe is passionate about, technology, innovation, and sales, with his passion he serves the community and the industry. He also serves as a committee member at Canberra Mathematics Association, he is also a strong advocate for indigenous business and is a regular speaker at key industry events.
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