Welcome to AIBC’s new brand

Dear Friends, 

I am delighted to launch the new brand identity for the Australia India Business Council (AIBC). 

Our refreshed logo reflects the vitality and energy in the evolving Australia-India relationship and the leadership role which AIBC plays for advancing this strategic business corridor.   The AIBC was formed over 35 years ago by our two governments to promote bilateral trade and investment. Today, we have Chapters in six states in Australia and a presence in India. 

With the Economic Corporation and Trade Agreement (ECTA) coming into force on 29 December 2022, discussions are now underway for a Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA). Ministerial visits at the highest level have gathered unprecedented pace, with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese currently visiting India, accompanied by 25 leading Australian CEOs. 

A fresh new look 

Our new logo is in step with the evolving times – it is bolder and more vibrant in its design, and the choice of colours and typography when compared to our earlier brand identity. Symbolically, it represents the blue of the Australian flag and the green from the Indian tricolour. The letters ‘AI’ adjacent to each other demonstrate how the two countries are in a symbiotic relationship and committed to supporting each other’s growth and progress. 

The colour blue has long been regarded as the symbol of imagination, trust and stability, while green signifies new beginnings and growth. The star is a beacon of hope – of positivity and renewal. 

Along with our new logo, we have also revamped our website to a more modern and easier to navigate layout to provide our members and other visitors quick and easy access to AIBC. Over coming months we will look to how we can further strengthen our online presence to better support our members. We hope to regularly meet many of you on www.aibc.org.au and on our social media platforms.  

As we move forward with our new brand, I am thankful to all our stakeholders – the Federal and State governments, industry, diaspora, academia and the community – for supporting AIBC for over three decades. 

I would specially like to thank Enigma for their excellent design work with the new logo, as well as their creativity and patience in working with us to achieve what is a key milestone for AIBC. Enigma is our National Partner and we love the energy they bring to the bilateral relationship. 

We are excited to be on this journey and look ahead with great optimism and confidence.  

Warm regards, 

Jodi McKay 

National Chair 

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