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Rajagopaul Kalyan Ram

Ram, or Kalyan as he is known, AIBC Life Member, was an office bearer of the erstwhile AICC, NSW, before its merger with the Australia India Business Council in 2006.

Kalyan was born in Rangoon, Burma. Both his grandparents had migrated to Burma during the late 19th Century as part of the British civil service. The industry, enterprise and the spirit of adventure and commitment that was shown by the Indian migrants in Burma in almost every sphere of human activity ranging from civil service, Business, Industry and service to the community had a profound impact on Ram’s young mind.
Besides, both his grandparents and parents were deeply involved with the community in Rangoon and helped in setting up schools, dispensaries and entertainment programs. This extended until the time the entire family moved to India as refugees during Second World War.
Soon after graduating from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University with a Master’s Degree in English Literature, Ram joined Burmah Shell Oil as a covenanted executive – where he gained a thorough grounding in Import processes, storage, distribution and marketing of a whole range of highly technical product range. Thereafter his knowledge and hands on expertise in Import /Export trade over a wide range of Industrial and consumer goods was fine-tuned over a two and half decades of practical experience with Textiles Export Promotion councils in India and then finally with the State Trading Corporation of India as an IMP officer of Indian government. His theoretical expertise in International Trade and Marketing was fine-tuned through a summer course at the Harvard Business School, Boston and a visit to Puerto Rico to study Free Trade Zone operations in 1966. Ram also travelled widely on Trade Missions to various countries including finally to Australia and New Zealand.

Ram continued in his professional career in Sydney in various capacities – both as a Trade consultant and an Executive Committee /office bearer of the erstwhile AICC, NSW before its merger with AIBC. His work as Import Management Consultant with ITC/UNCTAD/GATT, Geneva travelling from Fiji to Federated States of Micronesia and Samoa to Solomon Islands during the 1990s and as Australian Business Volunteer to Laos in 2003 on a marketing assignment were all highly commended by the governments concerned.

However, for his ongoing involvement and commitments to the cause of migrants from India and the subcontinent through a social enterprise (SEVA International) that Ram founded in 2003, for which he received the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) -is an award of which he is particularly proud.

Rajagopaul Kalyan Ram